Video #2: How To Write A White Paper

Before viewing this video, make sure you watch
Video #1: How To Get People To Read Your Content.

Then watch Video #2 (above).

And after you’ve watched those, you’ll be ready for
Video #3: How To Write A White Paper In ONE Day.

When it comes to content that people search out and read all the way through, few formats can compete with the white paper.

That’s why it’s called The King of Content.

In this video I tell you how to plan and write your own white papers. You really can do it! After you watch it, please let me know what you think in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Video #2: How To Write A White Paper

  1. Good morning from Corvallis, Oregon. I am the Content Editor for HP’s new Developers’ Portal. I work with your long-time friend Owen . He pointed me to your videos for tips on creating content for the HP Developers’ Portal. Good stuff in your first video. I’ll be watching the next one.

    Skip at

    1. Skip,
      Glad you found some good stuff in the first video. Owen and I go way back. I’ll have to thank him for forwarding you the link.
      Thanks again for watching.


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